The Ultimate Grilling Guide: Perfect Your Prepping & Cooking

Think grilling is too much of a hassle? Think again. Here's your Ultimate Grilling Guide to show you the quick and easy steps to preparing mess-free, juicy and grill-marked food in the backyard.

Give It a Quick Brush

It's probably not what you want to read, but just take 5 minutes beforehand to clean the grill grates. Grab a grill brush and some water and give it a good scrub. Not only will your food taste amazing (and not pick up the lingering flavors of BBQs past), but your grill will heat up faster and cook food evenly.

Alarming new studies show the virus may have long-lasting effects on major organs, even if you didn't have a severe case. What you need to know. Plus, what happens to your body when you replace meat and fish with plant-based substitutes? And, The Dish at Home has meatless dinners even carnivores will crave.

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