Dr. Oz’s Largest Food Investigation Ever!

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Dr. Oz needs your help on the biggest food investigation ever!!! We're looking for people nationwide to join the Dr. Oz Investigation squad to seek the truth about the fish you buy! Did you ever think that the fish you bought for your family’s dinner tonight may not be what you think it is? Well believe it or not fish fraud is persisting all across the globe, families just like yours are buying mislabeled fish! The show is teaming up with Lifescanner, a direct-to-consumer DNA barcode company, to offer viewers a chance to test the fish they are eating. Participants will collect samples from grocery stores, restaurants and fish markets with these kits and results will be revealed on The Dr. Oz Show! IF YOU'D LIKE TO PARTICIPATE ON THE BIGGEST FOOD INVESTIGATION EVER ON THE DR. OZ SHOW, LET US KNOW BELOW!

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