The Health Benefits of Hobbies

Looking to kick back and relax or want to pursue a passion project? Give one of these health-boosting hobbies a try.

The Health Benefits of Hobbies

Who says having fun can’t be healthy? While playing sports and cooking have obvious health benefits, some of your favorite less-active leisure activities can be good for your mind and body, too. From stress relief to improved brain function, these eight hobbies offer numerous and noteworthy benefits that you’ll reap in the years to come.

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You might not think of recreational bowling when you want to burn calories or lose weight but it can be a fun supplement to your overall weight-loss strategy. An hour of bowling can burn up to 219-327 calories depending on your weight and intensity — the same calorie range as other cardio activities like leisurely bicycling, ballroom dancing, canoeing, slow walking, tai chi, or yoga. Stretching one of the core movements in bowling can also help build muscle and improve flexibility and balance. Just avoid the unhealthy snacks and drinks at the bowling alley, which could quickly undo any health benefits gained from bowling.