10 Things Your Eyes Are Trying to Tell You

You’ve heard that eyes are the window to your soul, but they may reveal health problems too.

10 Things Your Eyes Are Trying to Tell You

By Diana Kelly Levey

When an ophthalmologist or optometrist looks into your eyes, they can identify eye health issues, like glaucoma and cataracts, but they might also be able to tell if your diet isn’t healthy, if you have an immune disorder, as well as if your diabetes symptoms are being managed properly. Read on to learn about the full scope of health issues your eyes may be trying to let you in on so you can prevent or treat any potential conditions.

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Your Diet May Be Too High in Cholesterol

While many eyelid bumps are harmless—like if you have a sty from clogged oil glands near your eyelashes—some lumps could signify you have a more serious health issue. If the bumps on your eyelids are yellow, it could mean you have Xanthoma, a skin condition marked by a buildup of fat under the surface of the skin. This condition tends to be more common in older people with high blood cholesterol levels and these yellow bumps can appear elsewhere on the body as well. See your doctor if a yellow lump appears on your eyelid.

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