The Top 10 Ways to Not Get Sick This Season

Learn how you can keep yourself from getting sick.

The Top 10 Ways to Not Get Sick This Season

Staying healthy during cold & flu season is similar to how you can prevent illness during the coronavirus outbreak. There are a few tricks you can use to stay healthy — and most of them start with taking care of your immune system.

Get the Flu Vaccine

You’ve heard it a lot, but the flu vaccine really does work. While it doesn’t always perfectly nail the virus, it often helps to soften the impact of the illness so that the body can attack and wipe out the flu much more quickly than it otherwise would have. While some people have a mild reaction to the vaccine, you can’t get the flu from the flu vaccine. And don’t let anyone tell you they had the flu and it wasn’t that bad. The flu puts more than 200,000 Americans in the hospital and kills thousands of those people every year. If I wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t the flu.

In 1985 when quarterback Joe Theismann had his fibula and tibia shattered by a tackle, it ended his NFL career — a career in which he'd suffered seven broken noses, a broken collarbone, and broken hands and ribs. "People would say that it was a tragedy… but…it was a blessing," he's said. "I'd become somewhat of a self-absorbed individual and didn't really care much about a lot of things except myself. And ever since that day…I've tried to be a better person."

Yes, Chronic Pain Alters Your Personality

All that physical pain can make it difficult to be your best self. That's been confirmed by a study in the European Journal of Pain. Seems people with chronic pain, have very low levels of the personality-influencing neurotransmitter glutamate in their frontal cortex, triggering emotional dysregulation and increasing anxiety.

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