13 Cancer-Fighting Foods

Fill up on these ingredients to fend off cancer.

13 Cancer-Fighting Foods

Doctors have yet to find a definitive link between cancer and food. What they have found, however, is a correlation between certain diets — such as the Mediterranean Diet — and the potential for cancer reduction. Doctors call these diets (often specific to a culture or geographical region) anti-angiogenic, which means that they cut off the blood supply of cancerous tumors, starving them of the nutrients they need to grow. Here's a list of ingredients that are staples of anti-angiogenic diets.

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Pumpernickel Bread

Add pumpernickel bread to your grocery list to reap tons of health benefits. The rye flour in pumpernickel can decrease the unhealthy bacteria that produce toxins in the gut. These toxins could damage the gut and create inflammation in the body, which could be linked to cancer. Eating pumpernickel bread can also help to lower any existing inflammation in the body. Pay attention to the nutrition label on the pumpernickel bread you’re purchasing to avoid artificial coloring and added sugars.

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