6 Easy Cheats to Lower Your Glucose

Find out how you can stabilize your blood glucose.

6 Easy Cheats to Lower Your Glucose

Diabetes is a leading cause of illness and disability in the U.S. Much of the food we eat is saturated with sugar that may be hidden from plain sight. Check out these cheats to lower your blood glucose and stave off diabetes.

Steel-Cut Oats

Steel-cut oats are one of several kinds you can buy at the supermarket. Like the other kinds, they’re high in fiber and are a decent source of iron and protein. But unlike rolled or quick oats, they haven’t been steamed and flattened to absorb water more quickly. That means that steel-cut oats take more time to break down and slowly release their sugars to keep your blood sugar low. Its slower digestion also keeps you feeling full longer.

Type 2 Diabetes Can Really Up Your Dementia Risk — What to Do About It

A new study says having type 2 diabetes for more than a decade by the time you're 70 doubles your risk of the disease.

A new study published in JAMA has found dementia is a major complication of diabetes. In fact, if you turn 70 and have had type 2 diabetes for more than a decade, you've doubled your risk for dementia compared to folks who are diabetes-free at 70. And, say the researchers, for every additional five years earlier that you were diagnosed with diabetes, (say at 55 instead of 60), there's a 24% increased risk of developing dementia.

Now, we know that controlling — even banishing — diabetes can seem daunting. There are plenty of ways and opportunities for us to remain sedentary, eat sugary, fatty snacks, increase metabolism-damaging inflammation and darken your future. But there is a way to make sure your inner light doesn't fade.

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