What to Expect from a Gynecologist Visit (at Every Age and Stage)

By Toni Gasparis

Women know that they have to go to a gynecologist for their health. But many women don’t know what to expect or what they should be aware of every time they go. A woman’s body constantly changes as she ages so what was focused on in her visit at age 25 is not the same at age 55. OB/GYN and Director of Female Sexual Medicine Program at Stanford University School of Medicine Dr. Leah Millheiser breaks down women’s health and explains what you can expect from your annual visit at every life stage.

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Age 40-49

At the 40-49 stage of life, most women are past giving birth so the conversation with a gynecologist will shift and topics will include how to get in shape, how to become healthier, and how to avoid incontinence. This is also the time that your doctor will begin to discuss perimenopause which is the stage right before menopause occurs where women will begin to experience weight gain and bloating. The gynecologist will explain menopause to their patients so they know how to begin to deal with the symptoms. Fibroids are also common during women’s 30s and 40s so during an annual visit women can expect questions about their periods because fibroids are generally indicated by very heavy bleeding. Regular mammograms will begin at the age of 40 as well.

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