The Ultimate Food List for Weight Loss & Wellness

Today's the day to put yourself first. System Oz is packed with delicious, filling and nutritious food options so you can reach your health goals and still enjoy eating. Use these ingredients to make our indulgent recipes here, or put together your own creations and share them on Instagram with @dr_oz!

Download the list here: System Oz Food List.pdf

4 Simple Tips for Sticking With Your New Food or Exercise Plan

The right motivation can make all the difference.

Q: I try to make myself eat less and work out more, but I end up not doing anything that I promised myself I would. How can I stay motivated?

Answer: Motivation — it's the most elusive ingredient in any get-healthy plan, and the most essential! So think about why you want to become healthier: to protect brain function, to dodge disease, to not break a hip? Whatever it is, recognize that when you drop the ball you're really saying to yourself that those things don't matter. But they do! So...

1. Inspire Yourself

Write out what it will mean to you if you stick with your plan to become healthier. Refer to it frequently, especially when in the vicinity of cake, fries or the couch!

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