28-Day Heart Disease Prevention Plan


Preventing heart disease can be a matter of making the right choices for your heart and overall health. Learn how you can develop heart-smart habits in just a matter of weeks with Dr. Oz's prevention plan.

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  • Heart Healthy Power Dish

    If you have heart problems, your diet may feel restrictive. But this dish packs a powerful punch, and is chockfull of heart-healthy foods. From salmon to tomatoes to garlic, the ingredients in this delicious meal all have properties that can help your ticker. So dig in, guilt-free!
  • Art Smith's Recipes to Reverse Heart Disease

    Chef Art Smith, who was once Oprah's personal chef, offers some delicious recipes to trim the fat from your diet with heart-healthy ingredients that will still tickle your taste buds
  • Heart Smart Chicken Soup with Whole Wheat Matzo Balls

    Try this Dr. Oz-approved soup recipe to keep your heart healthy and strong.

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