How to Conquer Food Emergencies

Find out how to always be prepared no matter what's thrown your way.

No matter what diet you're on, sometimes unforeseen things can happen that can throw you for a loop. On the What to Eat When plan, created by experts Dr. Michael Crupain and Dr. Michael Roizen, the focus is on when you eat much more than what you eat. Even still, you can find yourself in a food emergency when you least expect it. Read on to find out how to navigate any diet dilemma. 

When You're On the Go

When you're rushing around during a hectic day it can be hard to stick to a healthy diet. If you only have time to stop in a gas station or convenience store, Dr. Crupain recommends purchasing a bag of nuts, apple slices, berries, hummus, or Greek yogurt. You can even turn these ingredients into a delicious snack by making hummus with Greek yogurt topped with nuts to eat with cut up veggies. Or if you're craving dessert, you can make a dip with yogurt and top it with berries and sliced apples. 

When You're Hangry 

If you find yourself agitated and starving that can be a recipe for disaster. Dr. Roizen recommends snacking on roasted chickpeas. All you have to do is dry chickpeas with a paper towel and roast them with olive oil, garlic, rosemary, and cayenne for 30-40 minutes. Full of macronutrients and super satisfying, you can pack this crunchy snack and have it on hand to prevent hangriness. 

When You're Dehydrated 

A lot of times we confuse thirst for hunger and end up eating way more than we should. When you're on the What to Eat When plan, it's important to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep your metabolism revved up. If you're running around, grab a refillable water bottle and add some of your favorite fruits to infuse it with flavor. Just look for low-sugar options to avoid consuming too many calories and carbs. Sliced cucumber and mint are also delicious add-ins that will give your water an extra boost. 


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