2 Easy Hacks to Make Instant Soup Healthier

Still have the instant soup when you need to while controlling the sodium and getting the nutrients you need.

Instant soup is a staple in many of our pantries! Whether it's a cup you plop in the microwave or a package of ramen you rehydrate on the stove, they make easy meals in a pinch. But packed with sodium and calories, instant soup isn't exactly the healthiest option. Here are two quick and easy hacks to still have the soup while getting the nutrients you need and controlling the sodium.

Use Half the Seasoning

If the instant soup comes with a seasoning packet, only use half of it. This will cut down on the calories and added sodium. While that extra salt may help make the soup taste irresistible, it's not good for you. Try to find soups with 600 milligrams or less of sodium, but when you can't, this hack is good alternative!

Add Some Greens

Add a cup of leafy greens like spinach, which is packed with potassium. That can help keep your blood pressure in check and can counter all the extra work your heart is doing to process all the sodium in the soup.

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