Dr. Oz:  

Produce farmers are committed to providing safe and healthy fruits and vegetables to consumers.  This is the same food they feed their own families.  The facts stand strong – the health benefits of eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables (both conventional and organic) is well known and well documented.

Decades of nutritional studies show that people who eat more fruits and vegetables have improved health and longer lives – these studies were largely conducted using conventionally grown fruits and vegetables.

Further, recent peer reviewed studies show that children who lack access to healthy foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, are twice as likely to develop behavioral problems.  Poor diets in children have also been associated with a five point drop in IQ.

Our organizations represent both organic and conventional farmers and we strongly affirm the safety of both production practices.  The use of pesticides on organic and conventional farms is stringently regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Food and Drug Administration, the United States Department of Agriculture as well as state and local regulatory authorities.  Produce farmers work with these regulatory bodies to ensure responsible use of organic and conventional pesticides.  It’s in their best interest – not only for the safety of consumers, but for their families as well.

We urge consumers to learn more about the safety of organic and conventionally grown produce by visiting safefruitsandveggies.com.  Read, learn, choose, but eat more fruits and vegetables for improved health. 

Marilyn Dolan, Executive Director

Alliance For Food and Farming

Tom Nassif, President and CEO

Western Growers Association

Tom Stenzel, President and CEO

United Fresh Produce Association

Bryan Silbermann, President and CEO

Produce Marketing Association

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