Dr. Oz: “Why I’m Launching the Diversity in Medicine Scholarship Award”

This scholarship will help further someone's career in medicine.

Dr. Oz: “Why I’m Launching the Diversity in Medicine  Scholarship Award”

Season 12 will launch with personal stories from viewers who have experienced the painful and traumatic impact of racial bias in the healthcare system. But beyond sharing your stories, I want to make sure that I’m using my platform not only to raise awareness on issues such as racial bias in hospitals or how COVID-19 disproportionately affects Black and Latino communities, but also to do something that can continue to have an impact in years to come.

That’s why I’m introducing the #moreBlackdoctors campaign and the Diversity in Medicine Scholarship Award to inspire future doctors in underrepresented communities. Thanks to HealthCorps, my nonprofit organization that aims to eliminate health inequity in at-risk communities by educating and empowering students, we’re awarding our first-ever scholarship. This $10,000 scholarship, awarded to one qualified candidate, can be used towards the cost of completing your education. If you or someone you know is an amazing student who shows a deep passion for medicine and helping the community, tell us your story.  

 Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be African American or Black
  • Must be either an undergraduate enrolled in an accredited college/university with the goal of applying to medical school or a medical student accepted or attending an accredited medical school 
  • Exhibits a commitment to service and health of their community 
  • A desire to tackle health inequities 
  • Exemplifies a dedication to studying the field of medicine despite adversities 

Why is this scholarship so important? Right now, Black Americans make up roughly 13% of the population, but represent only 5% of doctors. This has to change. I’ve always believed the next generation has the power to change the world, and my show has always been a place for healing by using our power to enact a positive influence. So if you’re reading this now, and you’re a Black college student who dreams of going to medical school, or are already enrolled, I want to know your story and try to help. 

All season long, we’re going to continue initiatives through our #moreBlackdoctors campaign. We’re also launching Zoom seminars with some of the inspiring doctors I’ve worked with on my show, including Dr. Sampson Davis, MD, an E.R. physician at East Orange General Hospital in New Jersey and Dr. Jennifer Caudle, DO family physician and associate professor at Rowan University. Students can join the conversation here, and get alerts for our next seminars. Tune in to The Dr. Oz Show to find out more ways you can get involved and join the conversation.

Apply here.

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