5 Tips to Boost Energy and End Fatigue


In this day and age, many women are overextending themselves, fitting work, family, errands, social engagements and much more into less time than they’ve ever had. While there may not be a way to escape the demands of modern life, there is a way to fuel up correctly. Fight fatigue and improve your “endurance” by incorporating these five tips into your life.

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  • Heart-Healthy Drinks
    Clogged arteries can force your heart to work harder than it should, causing a multitude of health problems. We've got two drinks that are sure to keep your ticker in tip-top shape and your blood flowing smoothly.
  • Miracle Energy Drinks
    Forget coffee – if you really need that energy boost, look no further than a tall glass of water. According to Metabolic Disorder and Personal Training specialist Lisa Lynn, dehydration can make you feel exhausted and even slow down your metabolism. Try one of these fun and hydrating drink recipes to zest up your day!
  • Emeril Lagasse’s Healthy Shrimp
    We love Cajun food for its richness and spice, but who needs all those extra calories? Dr. Oz challenged Chef Emeril Lagasse to cut the calorie and fat content of one of his favorite meals by half! At 539 calories and 11 grams of fat per serving, this dish will be a fun way to add a little "Bam!" to your dinner without adding to your waistline.

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