How the Republican Candidates Really Feel

The new Sharecare app gets the scoop on how stressed the candidates really are during a recent debate by monitoring their voice levels.

How the Republican Candidates Really Feel

Your voice can say a lot about you, whether you realize it or not. That's exactly how the new app from Sharecare was able to find out how the Republican candidates were really feeling about their questions, and even each other during a recent debate. By analyzing the candidates voices the app was able to see how they dealt with being in the spotlight and found some interesting results. 

See below as the Sharecare app measures Donald Trump's stress levels when talking about ISIS at a recent Republican debate. ISIS has been a hot topic for all the candidates this year, but especially Trump as the app shows his stress levels jumping to impatience and irritation almost immediately after the question is asked. The only time Trump is calm and seemingly low-stress when talking about ISIS happens when he discusses his plans for how he would handle them if president. Find analysis from more debates here and here.

Alternatively, when Jeb Bush discusses Donald Trump's ISIS plans at the same Republican debate, his stress levels show how uncomfortable and impatient he is regarding Trump's stance compared to his own ideas.

When it comes to the candidates dealing with each other, the app shows that the heat is on! Watch as Donald Trump remains calm and cool when talking about Jeb Bush. Even in a spat back and forth when Bush interrupts him, you can see that Trump is feeling very little stress about it, refusing to let Bush ruffle his feathers.

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