The risks of Lasik surgery are known to the ophthalmology community and have been studied consistently since the FDA approved the procedure 20 years ago. More than 300 peer-reviewed studies have shown that on average 95 percent of patients were satisfied with their outcome after Lasik surgery. A small number of patients have substantial and persistent symptoms after Lasik. This is why ophthalmologists continue to evaluate patient satisfaction and continue to evolve the surgery to improve patient outcomes and to address patients with symptoms. While most patients are good candidates, Lasik is not for everyone. The academy recommends patients talk with their ophthalmologist to understand the potential risks and to ensure they are a good candidate for surgery. While the academy is sympathetic about this tragedy, there is no evidence that Lasik or any other type of refractive surgery causes suicide.

Additional information located on their website includes…

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has a variety of non-biased materials it has developed for ophthalmologists to educate their patients about refractive surgery, including:

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has been consistent over the years in its messaging that patients considering LASIK surgery should have realistic expectations about its outcomes, risks and side effects, and has provided resources for patients including:

Is LASIK For Me? A Patient’s Guide to Refractive Surgery

Questions to Ask When Considering LASIK

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