Statement from Auburn University on Uveal Melanoma

According to the Ocular Melanoma Foundation, there is no known reason or cause for uveal melanoma. Beginning last spring, Auburn University has been working closely with the Alabama Department of Public Health and has had collaborative communications with experts on melanoma from around the nation. Auburn will continue to participate in these communications and will support the Alabama Department of Public Health and melanoma experts as they determine what next steps should be taken in the best interests of the patients who are battling this cancer.

We have also provided informational resources and updates to the campus community and beyond so those concerned have the latest information that is available.

In addition, we are engaging geospatial research experts to gather and analyze data that, among other things, will explore potential links to ocular melanoma in this area, none of which have been definitively found in any previous studies for this very rare cancer. This could help indicate the right and additional paths for future research in finding causes and treatments in the hope of developing a cure.

To keep our campus and community informed, we have launched and communicated an FAQ page on our website at

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