Statement From Congressman Mike Pompeo on the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act

The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act (SAFLA) accomplishes four critical objectives:

  • Ensures a simple, consistent standard for GMO labeling.
  • Ensures that anyone who wishes to avoid eating foods containing GMOs will continue to be able to do so;
  • Ensures that families in America have access to healthy, affordable food;
  • Ensures that farmers in Kansas, and across America, will continue to be able to innovate and provide food for the additional 2 billion people expected to be on the planet by 2050.

The House of Representatives passed this legislation in July with overwhelming bipartisan support by a vote of 275-150. SAFLA continues to gain support Members of Congress look past the anti-GMO rhetoric and focus on the science, which has repeatedly proven the safety of GMOs, and Americans understand that the bill guarantees food manufacturers can labeling their product as being free of GMOs.  

I am working with my colleagues in the Senate to determine the next course of action on SAFLA, but I am optimistic, given the urgency of the issue, that we can expect the Senate to vote on the bill before the end of the year.

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