Statement from Dow AgroSciences

‘The Dr. Oz Show’ reached out to Dow Chemical Company regarding their upcoming Enlist Duo Herbicide being released by their subsidiary Dow AgroScience. This was their response.

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The EnlistTM Weed Control System was created to address the needs of the modern agricultural industry as farmers today struggle to control weeds that impact the food supply, while respecting the safety of both people and the environment.  Products such as Enlist are evaluated by world-class regulatory agencies including the EPA, FDA and USDA.  For this technology, the EPA has utilized decades of peer-reviewed studies for the foundation chemistry, and acknowledged this product has made significant scientific advancements.  After more than a decade of scientific advancements to help reduce drift and improve crop performance, and pending all regulatory approvals, our product will provide farmers with a solution that combines both new seeds and an innovative herbicide to provide the weed control they urgently need in a sustainable manner.