Statement from a Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Manufacturer


As a merchant of food grade hydrogen peroxide we do not make any medical benefit claims concerning its usage. This is a matter of personal choice. Usage of food grade hydrogen peroxide is not prohibited.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide is a natural alternative to toxic everyday household chemicals people breathe, have skin contact with and inadvertently consume that are invisible killers affecting tens of millions.

Over 99% of consumer usage of food grade hydrogen peroxide is used as a holistic alternative to chlorine (bleach) and other toxic chemicals for cleaning, in the kitchen, for laundry, in swimming pools and spas, in gardening and farming, and 1001 other usages. We hope this primary usage is acknowledged as one way to eliminate toxic chemicals from daily life. Natural holistic alternatives to health destroying household chemicals merits further research.

Documentation of the dangers of breathing and contact with chlorine and other toxic chemicals such as bromine is at our website...

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