Statement From the National Chicken Council

We understand that people are more curious than ever about how their food gets from the farm to their table and how that process has changed over time. As chicken producers, we know that as the temporary care takers of your family’s chicken, the health and welfare of the birds falls squarely on us, and we take that responsibility very seriously.  

Some chicken producers today might raise different breeds of chicken than were raised in the 1950s.  But we can’t really know how grandma’s chicken tasted versus today, because we lack the ability to compare them objectively side by side.  Veterinarians and animal scientists have done extensive research on proper chicken nutrition and diet, which consists mostly of corn and soybean meal, to ensure that each bird gets the right nutrients, at the right time.  Every chicken’s diet is formulated by a licensed animal nutritionist.

Chicken producers are in the business of providing choice in the marketplace.  Whether it is traditional chicken, organic or free range, consumers have the ability to choose products that take into account many factors, including taste preference, personal values and affordability.  The ability to perceive a flavor difference doesn’t imply one is better than the other.

Some chicken products may be marinated in the package. If this is the case, it must state so clearly on the label on the front of the package, along with every ingredient in the marinade, as required by federal law.  

We care deeply about the chickens under our supervision, and over the last generation we have made vast improvements to the birds’ diets, living conditions, and safety which have directly improved the health, safety, affordability and flavor of the food on your table. We are certain that chicken has never been a safer or more enjoyable meal to share with your family.

Thomas Super

National Chicken Council 

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