Richard J Hillgrove VI of 6 Hillgrove Public Relations is Bikram Choudhury’s UK-based publicist.

Hillgrove has represented Julian Assange, Rose McGowan, Amber Heard, Vivienne Westwood and Steven Seagal.

Hillgrove says: “Bikram Choudhury totally refutes all the allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment presented in the Netflix film, ‘Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator’, and is deeply upset by the continued character assassination.

Bikram believes that the concerted effort by money-motivated lawyers to proactively send letters to a database of all his clients, offering people free legal representation and the promise of $1 million insurance policy pay-outs is the primary motivation for this reputational catastrophe.

According to Hillgrove: “Unfortunately for all the plaintiffs involved in actions against Bikram, virtually none of them have received a cent for their efforts with all insurance settlements going to the lawyers. Back in 2012, after Bikram completed a 4-year process of protecting his yoga copyrights, a consortium sent letters out to all of Bikram’s students and staff offering free legal services and an opportunity to make US$1 million each in insurance policy settlements from lawyers Carla Minnard and Mary Shea. “None of that has translated into the plaintiffs receiving virtually anything.”

Bikram Choudhury has just sent a letter to Netflix co-founder, Chairman and CEO Reed Hastings. Bikram says: “I strongly urge you to consider immediately withdrawing the Netflix smear documentary. I am deeply saddened about the movie which portrays me in an unfair and untrue light. I hope that the public will reserve judgement on my life and my actions and review all of the evidence and not just a distorted, one-sided, sensationalized Netflix film”.

Bikram believes the Netflix film is nothing more than a repetition of old material.