Statement from Sherra Wright's Legal Team

Sherra absolutely denies any involvement in Lorenzen Wright's death. She has no criminal history whatsoever, so jail is a new and frightening experience - as is the possibility of spending the rest of her life in custody. She misses her children and wishes that she could be with them. Sherra wants this case to be over but understands that it's a long and complicated pre-trial process.

Does your client, Sherra Wright, deny the claims made by Jimmie Martin that she, along with Jimmie Martin and Billy Ray Turner conspired to kill Lorenzen Wright?

She absolutely denies the claims that Jimmie Martin's made. It's important to remember that Jimmie was free on bail for a separate killing - for which he was later convicted - when Lorenzen was shot. Jimmie also has his own reasons for his "story."

What is Ms. Wright’s trial status?

The case is scheduled for a report date on October 5 in Division 7 of Shelby County Criminal Court.

What other charges has she received (if any) other than first-degree murder charges?

In addition to first-degree murder, Sherra's also indicted for conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

Has Ms. Wright changed her plea of “not guilty”?

She has not changed her plea.

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