Statement From TikTok

Creating on TikTok:

  • At TikTok, our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. Our advice for creators is to do something that makes them happy. Focus on being yourself and having fun not followers or hearts.
  • We recommend that parents spend time with their families to help define what success means for them. Everyone can be their authentic self and have fun with their family.
  • We also encourage everyone to to apply the the same level of caution whether online or off.

We partner with leading organizations to help ensure that our practices meet or exceed industry standards. These organizations also developed safety guides to help families learn about the tools and controls to keep their families safe and decide if TikTok is right for them.

  • Age Gate:
    • We have given our app a 12+ rating in the App and Google Play Store to allow access to device level parental controls. To learn more visit:
    • TikTok has two experiences based on age and additional features like direct messages, livestream and gifting have additional age eligibility.
    • Our experience for younger users (under 13) is view only - and has curated content more appropriate for this age group. It does not allow for posting of content, maintaining a profile, followers, messaging or comments.
    • The full TikTok experience is available to users who are 13 and above. This experience allows users to post content, access messaging, comments and livestream when they are age-eligible.
  • We support digital literacy and work to educate our users and their families:
    • We encourage parents to review our For Parents section.
    • Our Youth Portal to helps families educate their teens about online safety best practices.
    • We have also created a suite of educational blogs and videos to teach our users and their families how to enable our controls, reporting and blocking features.
      • Highlights include:
      • [http://y: https//]Have Fun. Be Smart. Stay Safe.
      • Top Ten Tips for Parents
      • Our You're in Control video series presents TikTok's safety and privacy controls in an accessible and easy to understand fashion designed to spark dialog in families.
      • Our Be Informed video series addresses an important building block for an informed online experience: media literacy. Being media literate means having the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, create, and act using all forms of communication.
  • We build safety into our product and provide a number of controls and settings to help our users define the experience they want. Select controls include:
    • Setting your account to Private - which means only users you approve can follow you / see your content.
    • Users can disable downloads to prevent others from downloading their content.
    • We have many policies and controls in place for messaging already – only users above 16 are eligible for direct messages, and we don't allow images or videos to be sent in messages. In addition, we have communication controls which limit who can send you messages and comment on your videos, and comment filters - which allow you to input words or phrases that you do not want to see in comments.
    • We have tools to allow you to block or remove followers and in-app reporting of an account, video, comment or message. These tools help our users define the community they
    • More on about our Tools in our Safety Center
    • Our Family Pairing feature allows a parent to link their TikTok account to their teen's and directly manage key features including Screen Time Management, Restricted Mode, Direct Message, Comments, Who can see Liked Videos and more.

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