Statement From The U.S. Army

Following the airing of The Dr. Oz Show on what happened to Special Agent Vanessa Guillen while stationed at Fort Hood, which aired September 29, 2020, we received the following statement from an Army spokesperson which takes issue with certain statements and opinions made by a guest on the show. The statements and opinions of our guests are their own, and are not a reflection of the opinions and position of The Dr Oz Show.


“The allegation that U.S. Army Soldiers do not have rights and protections in place with regards to sexual assault and sexual harassment made by a guest on your Sept. 29, 2020 show is completely false. There are a range of rights and protections that include, but are not limited to: official investigation, victim advocacy, special victim legal counsel, medical treatment, sexual assault forensic exam, counseling, and command intervention.  For more information please visit”

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