The Dr. Oz Show Launches Into Season 11 With Breaking Health News in the Oz Family

Plus, Bernie Sanders is here for a "candidate check-up" with Dr. Oz.

The Dr. Oz Show Launches Into Season 11 With Breaking Health News in the Oz Family

New York (September 9, 2019) – The ten-time Emmy® award-winning, The Dr. Oz Show is launching its eleventh season celebrating the significance around The Power of 1. This season, The Dr. Oz Show is activating its audience to be that one person where big changes can start. In Monday’s season premiere, Dr. Oz opens up about a health issue that unexpectedly hit his family – his mother’s Alzheimer diagnosis. He shares how he missed the early signs and what to look for so your family won’t. Plus, Dr. Oz finds out if he’s also at risk for Alzheimer's. Also in our Season 11 premiere, we’re checking in with our presidential candidates – Dr. Oz is starting with Senator Bernie Sanders with a one-on one check-up. Find out where Senator Sanders stands today on the health issues that matter most to you. It's the interview you haven't seen!

In all new celebrity interviews, Wendy Williams sits down with Dr. Oz and opens up about overcoming new challenges in her life and why she finally feels free. Plus, she discusses her new health diagnosis and what it’s like to live with a chronic and painful condition. Dog the Bounty Hunter is here to discuss his toughest challenge yet. In this emotional interview, Duane “Dog” Chapman opens up about losing his wife Beth and reveals the final two promises he made to her before she died. Plus, Billy Bush shares how he bounced back from his publicized controversy. He shares with Dr. Oz how he overcame his deep depression and his new start on EXTRA.

In True Crime, Dr. Oz returns to investigate and brings new details to the Jeffrey Epstein suicide and the R. Kelly update you've been waiting for. We kick off our first True Crime Tuesday with an hour-long special investigation on the Jeffrey Epstein suicide scandal with a never-before-heard exclusive interview with the father of one of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers, Virginia Roberts.

The Dr. Oz Show continues to take you to the forefronts of food headlines with our new investigative series, Food Fact Check and Fast Food Confessions Caught on Tape. Our cameras go behind the scenes for an exclusive one-time-only visit to The Impossible Lab, the home of the famous Impossible Burger. Dr. Oz will introduce his first ever Food Trend Correspondent, Jonathan Cheban, famously known on social media as FoodGod. Daphne Oz and Jamika Pessoa return with The Dish – brand new recipes, hot topics, and food trends are all on the burners for this fun, food-centered series premiering every Wednesday on The Dr. Oz Show.

An all-new series for Season 11 is Health Court: where Dr. Oz rules. We bring the popularity of court TV and transpose it to a medical setting. In this weekly series, that will air on Fridays, Dr. Oz presides over disputes that have a medical angle, ultimately providing a final verdict and giving the home viewer important takeaways on the topics they ask for most.

Celebrity Interviews:

  • Bernie Sanders Candidate Check-Up: One-on-One
  • Wendy Williams Exclusive One-on-One
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter on Grief and Loss After the Death of His Wife Beth
  • Billy Bush One-on-One
  • Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin on Marriage, Faith, and Fertility

True Crime:

  • EXCLUSIVE: Never-Before-Heard Details in the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal
  • R. Kelly Faces Multiple Sex Crimes Charges With Mounting Video Evidence
  • “I Survived Being Branded by the NXVIM Cult” With Sarah Edmondson
  • The Bear Brook Murderers: How a Librarian Helped Authorities Solve the Mystery of a Family Found in Barrels With Billy Jensen
  • Harvey Weinstein Claims He Can’t Get a Fair Trial as New Charges of Sexual Assault Emerge
  • Ted Bundy Survivors on Why the Nation’s Obsession with the Serial Killer Still Torments Them With Melissa Moore
  • The Real Life Donnie Brasco: Why Modern Family’s Ed O’Neill is Uncovering Undercover Agents
  • Where Is Missing Mom Jennifer Dulos?

Oz Investigates:

From the Impossible Burger to Beyond Sausage: Inside the Meatless Fast Food Craze

Catch all of this and more happening this September on The Dr. Oz Show!

September Kick-Off Week Shows: 



Dr. Oz opens up about a health issue that has hit close to home. He shares his story so that you won’t miss the signs he did with his mom. Plus, Dr. Oz takes a breakthrough blood test to see if he has the genes for Alzheimer’s and shares the new at-home test anyone can take right now to see if you’re at risk. Then, it’s Dr. Oz’s "Candidate Check-Up": first up, Bernie Sanders. From his age to his exercise regimen to his healthcare policies, no questions are off-limits!



We investigate the death of Jeffrey Epstein. From the autopsy findings to the alleged unusable surveillance video, we uncover the information you haven’t heard. Our forensic experts reenact the possible jail cell crime scene if Epstein was indeed murdered. Plus, we go inside the courtroom with new details from his alleged victims. Then, the father of one of Epstein’s accusers, Virginia Roberts, speaks out.



After a tough year, Wendy Williams opens up about overcoming life’s challenges and truly gaining her freedom. She shares her new health diagnosis and what it’s like to live with a chronic and painful condition. Plus, “Super Size Me” Morgan Spurlock investigates if fast-food chicken really is the healthier option. He follows the chicken from farm to fast-food restaurant so you can avoid being duped by industry tricks.



In a raw and emotional interview, Duane “Dog” Chapman opens up like never before about losing his wife and the tough decision to allow cameras to document her final months. He reveals the two things he promised Beth before she died. Plus, the latest on R. Kelly’s sex crime charges and why his former crisis manager had to step down.



Surveillance cameras capture people touching, spitting, even urinating on the food we buy and feed our families. The truth behind the disturbing trend happening across the country. Our shocking undercover investigation will show you how to protect yourself. Plus, introducing Health Court, where Dr. Oz rules! His first case: She thinks it’s healthy to pick her husband’s acne, he thinks it’s making it worse. Dr. Pimple Popper surprises them with her verdict!

About The Dr. Oz Show

Currently in its eleventh season, the ten-time Daytime Emmy award-winning syndicated daily series The Dr. Oz Show is hosted by Dr. Mehmet Oz, accredited health expert, best-selling author, and world-renowned cardiac surgeon. The Dr. Oz Show is an informative hour that offers audiences the opportunity to learn about a wide range of health and wellness topics. Tackling the balance of mind, body, and spirit, Dr. Oz calls on specialists from a variety of disciplines for expert advice on how viewers can be their best selves.

Dr. Oz served as health expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show from 2004 to 2009, sharing advice with viewers to help them live their best life from the inside out. Dr. Oz has co-authored eight New York Times Best Sellers including “Food Can Fix It,” “YOU: The Owner's Manual,” as well as the award-winning “Healing from the Heart”. He has a regular column in O, The Oprah Magazine.

Dr. Oz is an attending physician at NY Presbyterian-Columbia Medical Center and performs dozens of heart operations annually. His research interests include heart replacement surgery, minimally invasive cardiac surgery, complementary medicine, and health care policy. He has authored over 400 original publications, book chapters, and medical books and has received several patents.

Cleared in over 99 percent of the country, The Dr. Oz Show is produced by Zoco Productions and distributed by Sony Pictures Television. The Dr. Oz Show is executive produced by Amy Chiaro and co-executive produced by Stacy Rader and Laurie Rich.

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