The Incredible Push-Up

Push-ups. I love them and I hate them; or, do I just love to hate them…I’m not sure! Seriously, I really do love them. If ever I am in a pinch or on the go, a push-up is such a great all-body workout. In the comforts of my home, I have free weights and machines that help me to perform a strength-training workout with ease. It seems like during the holiday season, when I am busy and visiting friends and family, it is not quite as easy to get that much time in for my much-needed strength-training workout. That is where the handy push-up comes into play.

It’s not as though I don’t do that activity if I am actually at home, but I can’t seem to find a better one for when I am away. I can actually FEEL my triceps, shoulders, chest, stomach and back fatigue as I am doing them. Strangely, for fun now, I even will do push-ups until, literally, I am at such muscle failure that my face is planted into the carpet and my brain is telling my body to lift me back up; yet, I still am laying there like a limp noodle. When you actually perform an exercise to the point where you “test” your muscles in such a challenging capacity, it helps to build strength and stamina. I can easily remember back when I was unable to even perform ONE pushup. Dr. Oz states that if you cannot even do one push-up, then you must “hold your chest off of the ground without moving.”  

The beauty of exercise is that there are always ways to make a routine easier or harder just by tweaking it slightly. It is so empowering when you start this one fitness “test” and notice in the beginning you are unable to even do one and then months later, you are looking like a Navy Seal ready for action. Again, remember, your body is an AMAZING machine that loves to perform when you give it a challenge. Start a little challenge today and mark your progress; you will undoubtedly impress even yourself!

Not only are push-ups a great way to test your upper body fitness, but they’re a great way to stay fit during the holidays when you are out and about. Remember, to suck in your stomach as you perform the push-ups so that you engage your abdominal muscles. Push-ups are truly a TOTAL body workout. I think I’m going to do a few right now…all this chatting about them is making me want to do a few…or, challenge myself to the test of 45!