Are You Hooked on Energy Drinks or Coffee? Type 1 Sugar Addiction

As we noted last week, to beat sugar addiction, first you’ll need to figure out what type of sugar addict you are. Let’s begin with type 1: exhausted and hooked on “Loan Shark” energy drinks (full of caffeine and sugar). Many of you are simply exhausted by the pace of modern life, and have found that sugar and caffeine give you a quick energy boost. What you’ve likely missed is that these are also “energy loan sharks,” which a few hours later can leave you even more tired than when you started. Borrowing money from a loan shark is a bad idea, and so is getting your energy from energy loan sharks.

The following simple quiz will tell you if you are a Type 1 Sugar Addict. If you are, we’ll teach you how to turbo charge your healthy energy production instead, so you won’t be craving the sugar and caffeine!

Your total score will tell you whether you fit the type 1 profile.

Do you feel tired much of the time? (20 points)Do you need coffee to get jumpstarted in the morning? (10 points)Do you experience a mid-afternoon slump? (10 points)Do you have occasional insomnia? (20 points)Are you gaining weight or having trouble losing weight? (Score 1 point for every two pounds gained over the past three years.) What is the average number of ounces of caffeinated coffee or soda you drink daily? (Score 2 points for each ounce.)What is the average number of ounces of “energy drinks” containing sugar or caffeine that you drink daily? (Score 6 points for each ounce.)Do you repeatedly crave sweets or caffeine to give you the energy to get through the day? (25 points)Are you working more than forty hours a week? (Score 2 points for each hour over forty.)

Score0-30: No problem. Skip to the next quiz.31-60: Treating Type 1 sugar addiction will help you feel a lot better.Over 60: You are a sugar and caffeine junkie. Read on to learn how to restore your energy production naturally so that you can cut back on sugar and still feel great.

Treating Type 1 Sugar Addiction ― Think “SHINE” Sleep ― Make time for 7-8 hours sleep a night. Begin by cutting those things out of your life that give you the least pleasure (hints ― the evening news, meetings and social gatherings you hate, etc). If you have trouble sleeping, herbal mixes can be very helpful.

Hormonal support ― Consider the possibility of an underactive thyroid, even if your blood tests are normal.

Infections ― Some will have chronic bladder, prostate, or other infections. Chronic sinusitis and spastic colon (which suggest a Type 3 sugar addiction) are especially common and problematic.

Nutritional support ― A simple morning energy drink using a good multi-vitamin and nutrient powder along with, ironically, a special healthy sugar called “ribose,” can give outstanding nutritional support and turbo charge energy production. In fact, in a recently completed study, ribose (Corvalen) increased energy an average of 60% after just 3 weeks!

Exercise ― Preferably out in the sunshine. For many, simply getting the simple nutritional support above and a 20-30 minute walk each day, along with a bit more sleep (aim for 8 hours, but get at least 7 hours) will make all the difference. Those with the combination of both severe exhaustion and severe insomnia will usually have chronic fatigue syndrome, and will need “SHINE Intensive Care.”