Savor Food to Enjoy it More and Eat Less

Did you know it can take around 20 minutes to feel full?  Which explains why when you eat a large amount of food too quickly, you find yourself feeling stuffed, bloated and sometimes even sick. You were full before you felt it. The goal is to eat until you are satisfied, NOT until you can’t fit any more food in your stomach, even if someone paid you.  But, now you are left filled with far too much food and regret.

People most often experience this during the holidays and or when eating their favorite foods. I know firsthand how easy it is to make this mistake when I am faced with my mother’s amazing Christmas cookies. But it can happen all of the time for some people who habitually eat everything too quickly.

I have 2 questions that may help you decide if you are be eating too quickly.

After eating, do you often find yourself feeling stuffed, bloated or as if you couldn’t take another bite?Do you often place more food in your mouth before you have finished chewing the first bite?

If you answered yes to both of my questions, you may be eating too quickly.  And possibly eating more food then you need to feel full.

Of course, the most obvious way to address this issue is by simply eating slower. However this may be difficult for some people at first, particularly when enjoying a meal they love.

I have a 3 simple tips to help you eat slower, to give yourself time to feel full and eat less.

Finish chewing the food in your mouth BEFORE you place more food in your mouth. The next time you are eating a meal, take the time to notice how often you have to stop yourself from placing more food in your mouth before you finish chewing. You will be shocked.Notice the flavor and texture of the food as you place it in your mouth. Often when eating a favorite food, you may be in such a rush to consume it, that you completely miss the pleasure of the experience. So next time you are sitting down in front of a favorite treat, take your time and savor the entire experience of tasting and eating your food. Occasionally place your utensils down during the meal. This helps with the first 2 tips. It clearly delays the next bite and helps you notice the food that is in your mouth instead of preparing for the next bite.

You know, I understand what it feels like to LOVE eating food. I also know the regret and guilt associated with mindless overeating and obesity.

I have learned that beginning to eat slower and more consciously will help you enjoy food more while becoming more aware of your true caloric needs.

Take the time to enjoy and savor the experience of eating.  Besides, what’s the rush?  The food isn‘t about to hop off of your plate and run, right?  And what is the purpose of speeding through a tasty meal? 

Remember the goal is NOT to starve your way to weight loss.  The goal is to learn how to eat and be full with smaller portions.

Try my simple tips during your next meal. I know you will experience more joy when eating and I bet you will feel full with less food than you are accustomed to eating. 

It worked for me! And it can work for YOU!