Soda Challenge | Day 31 | October 24 | Sunday

Steps: 11,123. Breakfast: after my cardio exercise (48 minutes at average heart rate of 147,  max today was 176), did 30 minutes of weight work. Coffee times 2 or 3 cups, one and a half dollar-sized buckwheat, blueberry pancakes.

Lunch: at football game. Ate in owner’s lodge … She puts out a magnificent spread and loves the game. I think if the team doesn’t win, it hurts her more than any other fan I know—she really cares for the team! Ate 2 shrimp, 1 cup chicken soup, 2 servings mixed veggies, 4 cashews, 3 cups of coffee. I would normally have had 2 giant 36-ounce sodas while watching the Brown’s. 

Then ran to the airport (drove fast).

Snack: 2 baked chips and 2 cups coffee

Dinner: (at the Oz house) fish, grilled veggies, whole-grain pasta (small portions), berries, water

Kitchen closed (save water) at 8:30 p.m.