Your Health Choices Can Save Jobs in America

Another amazing week: started with a talk to the prim and proper City Club of Cleveland; then a radio show on tattoos (there is a new safe way to get them); a few days doing the business of the Wellness Center and taking care of patients—including two prominent people from China; braved a major snow storm and shoveling out in Cleveland (we rarely have a 24” dump in downtown Cleveland, even had to miss a Cavs game); then witnessed an amazing faith healing session by Dr. Nemeh at St Bernadette’s Church; then onto Chicago late Thursday night for the Cleveland Clinic –Northwestern combined Preventive Care and Integrative Medicine Conference. We’ll get to all of these, but first the City Club talk.

Every now and then I give up playfulness and edginess to be serious—God forbid. Yes, I relish coaching individuals (and through email, large numbers of them) to health almost as much as sex with my wife (it is that good), but I’d like to tell you why more of you need to enjoy the orgasmic experience of helping others get healthy. We need more of such coaching to save our jobs—yes, your job and your freedom, especially if you work in a service industry or education. For more, click here to listen to a podcast.

Our differential for medical care costs in the USA reached a point in 1991 of 6% and 9%, so we became non-competitive for manufacturing and we lost our manufacturing base. We will lose our service and educational base by 2017 when these differentials reach 12% and 16%, as predicted. America is 2 and 3 times as expensive as Europe and developed Asia because we have twice and three times the chronic disease, and all but 2% of this chronic disease is due to 4 factors (genetics is only responsible for 2% of the differential). That’s right, medical cost differentials are one of the reasons (more than salary differentials with Europe and middle-class Brazil, Japan, India and China) for the USA’s non-competiveness for jobs.  

But 70, maybe 78% (in some data sets) of our medical costs and all of our job differentials is due to 4 factors you control—tobacco use, physical inactivity, food choices, and lack of stress management. That is right—some $1.3 trillion (yes with a “T”) of our expenses are reducible to zero if we, as individuals, take charge of those 4 factors. And we have reached a turning point—that was reached back in 1991 for manufacturing—for jobs in our service industries and education. We can retake these jobs and our competitiveness—it starts one person and one medical coach at a time—Mehmet and I need your help. (You know I like to leave you with action steps. To retake jobs for America—see the end of this blog.)


You all know there is a risk in tattoos— the infectious disease from contaminated inks or less than perfectly sterilized needles. But here are other risks – the inks often contain heavy metals that are absorbed slowly over time and lead to brain dysfunction or heart failure.  The worst is red—usually cadmium which causes heart failure – with a high probability if your red tattoo area is greater than a few square centimeters. We reviewed that all, plus a solution on YOU: The Owner’s Manual Radio Show on December 4, archived at  Ask, pay and verify that you get new needles and a new palate and inks, but here is the trick: ask for the new ink that is composed of little cells with vegetable colors inside them. What was discovered by Harvard physicians and is now sold by Infinitink is an ink that is as durable and long-lasting as any other conventional tattoo ink, yet it gives you the choice to have your tattoo removed. A good option if you think about every ex-girlfriend, every drunken bet and every impetuous decision you've ever made. You may not want that lucky clover on your forehead forever, after all.

Now, I know this blog is too long already, but have to mention a few more things of the Week That Was:

Faith Healing by Dr Nemeh at St Bernadette’s

You’ve heard of miracle cures and faith healers—one of those with the most stories about his healing powers is Dr. Nemeh in Cleveland. The stories are too consistent and too amazing not to believe, so Dr. Oz and I visited to see what results occurred and why. I’ll comment more on that in a later blog, but it was truly an amazing experience in mind-body medicine.

Integrative Medicine  

Great session during the first-half of Friday. Doctors Melinda Ring, Ramadevi Gourineni, and Stracks reviewed the data on the influence of food choices and vitamins/minerals, light therapy, and formal integrative and standard therapies on mood, insomnia and back pain for a group largely of physicians and certified nurse practitioners, and a group of other practitioners as well. Yes, the data are impressive; you can control your moods, sleep, and back pain levels after injury with nutrition and mind-body medicine.

Now, back to the conference. You can hear more on every Saturday from 5 to 7 p.m. EST, or follow me on Twitter: @youngDrMike.

Here’s the summary from above on what you can do to promote job growth in America. You already know how to avoid tobacco (and, yes, joint smoke is 4 times as bad as tobacco). Meditate, walk 10,000 steps today, and avoid the 5 food felons that we’ve talked about on The Dr. Oz Show. Yes, YOU control whether America has service and education jobs or not, freedom or not, and it’s much easier than influencing a House Leader or President that’s been in a smoke-filled room—they are your lifestyle choices.

Save a job by snuffing out tobacco, physical inactivity, the 5 food felons, large plates, and unmanaged stress.