Jimmy Fallon's Mole

You’ll be entertained by Jimmy Fallon, but he was on the show for a serious reason. He had a mole on his hand that Dr. Oz noticed a few months ago. Surgeons have an eye for “funny-looking” moles. And Jimmy’s was certainly funny looking, and that’s not good even for a comedian …

So Dr. Oz told Jimmy the mole had to go. It had to be removed because it was large and had irregular borders. And it had a blue tinge to it.  Docs call this type of mole a “blue nevus.” And those types of moles are hard to distinguish from a particularly dangerous type of skin cancer called melanoma.

So, with a little cajoling, Jimmy agreed to go under the knife. Watch as Dr. Oz and I operate on Jimmy in our in-studio operating room, live in front of 220 shocked audience members!

Jimmy had his mole removed, and if you have a funny-looking mole, you should see a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or a family doctor to be sure yours is ok. If you’re like everyone else, you probably have a few dozen moles on your body.  Of course, you’re not going to have them all removed, but docs get concerned with ones that are wider than a pencil eraser and those that have irregular borders. And if they have more than one color and seem to be sending out little tentacles out into the skin, or they itch or bleed, you need to have those looked at. If you’re over 40 and develop a new mole, that one also needs to be checked out. And if they’re blue like Jimmy’s, get those looked at.

If the mole is suspicious, your doc will remove it. She’ll usually take out the whole thing, not just a piece. And a pathologist will look at it under the microscope. If it is a nothing, you’re done. If it is questionable or a cancer, then you’ll need a second procedure to remove more skin. 

The important thing is to do what Jimmy did – don’t ignore the funny-looking thing. Your chance of developing a melanoma during your life is one in 50. If your moles are odd looking, your risk is 3 times higher.

So, listen to Dr. Oz and Jimmy Fallon … and me. Get those moles looked at pronto.