Change Your Life with These Simple Steps!

As many of you know, thanks to Dr. Oz, I have transformed my life and continue to do so. Below are some of my simple steps for you to follow in the hopes that you can do the same.

Change at least one of your regular, unhealthy meals to something healthy. I suggest you start with breakfast. Steel cut oatmeal will get you through the day feeling fuller and it’s loaded with fiber and healthy carbs. Click here for my Apple Pie Oatmeal recipe.Find at least 30 minutes each day to take a walk. Stop making excuses.Meditate every day.Put yourself first. It may sound selfish, but it will actually make you a better friend, lover, mother, father, sister or brother than you could have ever imagined.Take action every single day towards your goals and dreams. It’s the only way that dreams come true.Rid your life of judges and critics as much as possible. Surround yourself with positive, outgoing and supportive people.Try new things. Change is good.Visualize the new you. Make a vision board and put things you want on it, like pictures of your ideal body, your dreams and goals. Remember to be careful what you wish for. I’m living proof that dreams do come true, so choose wisely.Make a new change to your diet every week. Soon enough, you’ll find you have a healthy lifestyle.Always do your best. Remember that your best is all you can do.Never let your ego control your life. I know it can be tough at times, but letting go of your ego is one of the best things you can do to better yourself.Don’t let others create and shape your life. Be yourself and be true to yourself. By doing this, you set yourself free to become who you’re really meant to be.Know that life does not come without challenges. We all have them in different ways, but what matters is how you react to them. Stay positive and stay focused. The rewards at the top of any mountain you climb are greater than you can imagine.Treat others the way you want to be treated. Share knowledge, be inspirational, always lead, never follow, and step out of your comfort zone.Create a gratitude journal and write in it every day. This can make you realize that even in tough times there is still so much to be thankful for. For example, waking up to a new day and your feet hitting the floor.Treat your body like the temple that it is and it will reward you tremendously.Know that others will not always be happy for you. I know this can be surprising, but it’s OK. Wish them the best, anyway.Create yourself. Just because you are who you are today, does not mean you can’t create a new you. Become who you really want to be by following your dreams.Finally, if you desire change and you can feel it deep inside, listen to your intuition. Even if you have it good, you can always make it better!