Men: Was Your Wife’s Hysterectomy the Best or the Worst Thing That Happened to Your Relationship?

There is a lot of information about how surgery affects women both physically and emotionally. Sadly, the male response to a partner’s hysterectomy has been essentially ignored. This is particularly true when it comes to sex and sexuality. Lest we forget, almost every time a woman loses her uterus, there is a man in her life who is often very impacted by the surgery even though they are not the one having the surgery. Half a million women every year have a hysterectomy. That translates to millions of men who are not being asked and not being heard. 

I would like to change that, which is why in addition to my nationwide survey of women’s responses to hysterectomy, I am conducting a survey of men whose wives or partners have had their uterus removed. I want to know it all. How did her hysterectomy affect you? Your sex life? Your relationship?

Please take 10 minutes to fill out this short anonymous survey. Once you complete the survey, you can enter a drawing for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. 
The information you provide for the drawing will not be linked in any way to the survey responses you provided.

I thank you, and the men who will be benefit from your experience thank you. I’ve heard from the women. Now it’s your turn!

Men: Click here to take survey.