Shocking Candy Calorie Counts

You sit down at the movie theater with a big box of candy and without even noticing, you've downed the whole thing before the previews even end. Sound familiar? Although indulging in your favorite candies every once in a while can be a well-deserved treat, knowing the serving size and calorie count will help keep you from overindulging in the sugary stuff. You'd be surprised how many calories come in very small packages.


Here are some shocking candy calorie counts to get you started. Note that not all serving sizes are created equal (for example, it can be tough to limit your snack to only four Twizzlers when there are more in the bag), so you may be able to get more candy for your calories with a few smart choices. If not otherwise noted, the serving sizes are based on the original full-size candy.


Butterfinger Original
Serving size: 1 bar
Calories: 270   


Twizzlers Strawberry Twists
Serving size: 4 twists
Calories: 140


Serving size: 1 pack
Calories: 240


Kit Kat
Serving size: 1 pack
Calories: 210


Peanut M&M's
Serving size: 1 pack
Calories: 250


Serving size: 2 cookies
Calories: 250


Hershey's Kisses
Serving size: 9 pieces
Calories: 200 calories


Life Savers Hard Candy Five Flavors
Serving size: 4 candies
Calories: 45 calories


Milk Duds
Serving size: 13 pieces
Calories: 170 calories


Serving size: 11 pieces
Calories: 130 calories


Rainbow Nerds
Serving size: 1 tablespoon
Calories: 60 calories


3 Musketeers
Serving size: 1 bar
Calories: 240 calories