The Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Maintenance Plan

The Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan should have you feeling healthier than you did two weeks ago. Follow this maintenance plan to keep the momentum going and the weight off.



Rule #1: Reintroduce Food Groups One Week at a Time


Since your body has been without these foods for the past couple of weeks, it might have a reaction to them when they’re reintroduced into your diet. Start by testing each food with a half-cup serving to minimize the effect of any potential reactions.


  • Week 1: Low-Fat Dairy

Add 2% milk, low-fat cheese and butter back into your diet. If you feel fine, continue eating dairy. If you bloat, gain weight or feel moody, cut ties with the food group.


  • Week 2: Low-Glycemic Fruits

Start incorporating pears, oranges, mangoes and peaches back into your diet if you’d like.


  • Week 3: Whole Grain Carbs

Introduce whole-grain bread, pasta and ancient grains back into your diet, but do it before 2 p.m.



Rule #2: Avoid Packaged Snack Foods


These types of snacks will pack on the pounds, so eat protein-based snacks such as hummus and veggies, hard-boiled eggs, turkey roll-ups and chickpeas instead. You should especially avoid sugary and diet snacks with artificial sweeteners.



Rule #3: Weigh Yourself Every Morning


People that weigh in every day have more long-term success. Look at the scale as your ally. Whether the number goes up or down, it can help you figure out what isn’t working and what you can get away with. Remember, the scale isn’t about getting a grade; it’s motivation to make progress.



Rule #4: Allow a Splurge Once a Week


Don’t strive for perfection in your diet, because perfection leads to failure. So indulge in a dessert, an entrée you’ve been craving or a glass of wine once a week.