Fresh Infused Waters

| By Candice Kumai

Dress up your favorite drinking glass with an infused water recipe. Put this recipe together at night, and sip on the sweet stuff the next day. With so many combinations, you will never get bored of drinking these infusions. Infused water makes a great alternative to soda or sports drinks and changes things up from the monotony of drinking plain old water.  


  • rosemary
  • blackberries
  • cucumber
  • basil
  • watermelon
  • mint
  • pineapple


1. Place your choice of the following combos into sanitized mason jars, seal and place into the fridge or in the sun for 2-4 hours.


Rosemary Blackberry Berry Infused WaterCucumber BasilCucumber Basil  Watermelon Infused WaterCucumber Mint Infused WaterPineapple Basil infused Water  

This recipe is reprinted with permission from Candice Kumai’s forthcoming cookbook Clean Green Eats, available from HarperWave in June 2015.  Pre-order here.