Dr. Oz and Jewel's Chill Out Playlist

Calm your anxieties and squash your stress with these relaxing song suggestions from both Dr. Oz and Jewel. Music is a great stress relief method that can do wonders for your mental health. Try adding some of these tunes to your regular playlists. 

"Angel Standing By" – Jewel

"Jack Johnson" – Dreams be Dreams 

"Hallelujah" – Rufus Wainwright  

"Bolo Bolo" – Steve Ross   

"Life Uncommon" – Jewel  

"La Femme D’argent" – Air  

"Awake" - Tycho  

"Alone in Kyoto" – Air 

"Ambrosia" – A Reminiscent Drive 

"The Sea" – Morcheeba  

"Hands" – Jewel 

"Un Bel Di" – Aria  

"Uruguay" – Nora en Pure  

"Feels Like Home" – The Him 

"All I Want is Your Love" – Christos Fourkis  

"Innocence Maintained" – Jewel  

"Slacks" – St. South 

"Afterglow" – Phaeleh