Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Intermittent Fasting?

Do you know the secrets for maximizing when and how you eat food?

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Intermittent Fasting?

Timing your food consumption with intermittent fasting is all about tuning into how you body reacts to food (hormone shifts, immune changes, etc.) and how food affects your body through its 24-hour cycle of being awake and asleep. You don't process nutrients the same way at 11 a.m. as you do at 11 p.m. During the day your body is in a fat-burning mode, but in the evening it's designed to be fat-storing. But beyond this, do you really know what intermittent fasting is all about? Take the quiz to find out!

Quiz: What's Your Skin Type?

So you know how to best take care of it.

All skin is beautiful — but not the same! From oily to dry and everything in between, there are so many different skin types. What skin type do you have? Answer these quick questions to help find out. New York City dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman will tell you what makes that skin type unique, what can be expected from day to day, and how it might react to new products and cleanses.

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