Quiz: Is Your Hair Stressed?

Find out if your hair is damaged and what to do about it.

Are you stressed about your hair? Or is your hair stressed? Things like straighteners and curling irons, bleach and dye, and moisturizers and treatments can all affect your hair quality and potentially damage it. Take this quiz to find out if your hair is screaming for help and what you can do to treat the damage that's been done.

No, Don't Peel That Sunburn — Here's Why

Let your body heal itself naturally.

We all know the pain of a bad sunburn after a long day at the beach. And we all know too the annoying process afterward of watching our skin loosen and peel away. It can be pretty tempting to help it along and peel off all the dead skin. But you actually shouldn't do that. Here's why it's bad for your skin — and what treatment you should do at home instead.

Peeling Sunburns Interrupts the Healing Process

When your skin loosens and flakes after a bad sunburn, it's your body's natural way of repairing the skin that was damaged by the sun. The pieces that detach from the layer beneath them are revealing healthy, new skin. The pieces still attached, though, are protecting skin that's still healing and vulnerable. So when you peel the dead layer away too soon, you're interrupting that important healing process. That exposed layer will be delicate and more susceptible to irritation.

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