Quiz: What’s Your Hair Loss Type?

Get to the root of your hair loss.

woman brushing hair

If you've been suffering from hair thinning or hair loss, now is the time to start taking action. In order to best treat your hair loss, you need to figure out what your hair loss type is. Once you've learned what type it is, you can start to take the proper steps to improve it. Take this quiz from natural hair expert Curly Nikki to figure out your hair loss type.

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This quiz was recently featured on Dr. Oz Quiz: What's Your Hair Loss Type And Which Hair Loss Solution Is Best For You?

Quiz: Is Your Hair Stressed?

Find out if your hair is damaged and what to do about it.

Are you stressed about your hair? Or is your hair stressed? Things like straighteners and curling irons, bleach and dye, and moisturizers and treatments can all affect your hair quality and potentially damage it. Take this quiz to find out if your hair is screaming for help and what you can do to treat the damage that's been done.