How Long Does Raw & Cooked Meat Last?

Whether it's in the fridge or freezer, know when to keep it or toss it.

How Long Does Raw & Cooked Meat Last?

You won't have to second-guess whether or not you should eat or toss different types of protein with this helpful chart from the University of Illinois. This cheat sheet can help you store your meat properly and keep your friends and family safe before and after your next cookout.

Feel out of control of your eating habits? Or perhaps you feel you control your eating a little too much? Mallika Chopra, a meditation and wellness coach — as well as the author of numerous mindfulness books for kids and adults, leads you in this simple and calming meditation to focus on nourishing your body and mind.

For more mindfulness tips from Mallika, check out her website and her new book "My Body Is a Rainbow: The Color of My Feelings."

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