Start your morning with this filling, heart-healthy breakfast. The bananas you'll eat are full of potassium, which helps regulate your heart function. Plus, they're a low-sodium food and rice milk is cholestrol-free. 

pinch cinnamon
buckwheat pancake mix
1 egg
3 tsp honey
1 cup rice milk
1 banana
3 tbsp oil
banana slices for topping

1. Add cinnamon to the buckwheat pancake mix


2. Combine the egg, honey, rice milk, and banana in a mixer. If you do not have a mixer, mash the bananas with a fork and add them to the rest of the wet ingredients.


3. Make a well in the buckwheat pancake mix and slowly add the rice milk mixture, stirring it all together as you go.


4. Heat up a pan with the oil of your choosing and pour in the batter using a ladle or an ice cream scoop.


5. Once air bubbles start to form, flip the pancake over. When the underside turns slightly brown, remove the pancake.


6. Top the pancakes with some sliced bananas and enjoy!