Diabetes: Danika's Rules to Heal Yourself

A diabetes diagnosis can drastically alter your lifestyle of its patient. Research has proven that, under certain circumstances, diabetes can be reversible. One Dr. Oz viewer took his teachings to heart (Prevention, not treatment. Anyone can make YOU-turns) and reversed her diabetes diagnosis. Danika took these are simple steps to take to get her weight – and her diagnosis – under control. Making the conscious choice to commit to a healthy lifestyle, you may be able to heal yourself of diabetes!

4 Rules to Naturally Healing Diabetes:
5 apples a day keeps the doctor away: Swap added sugar for 5 servings of fruit. The natural sugar comes with fiber and has corsitin, which helps to regulate insulin.
A palm sized serving of food every 2 hours: “Grazing” all day helps to get your insulin regularly.
Exercise: Walk 3 miles a day and stretch 10 minutes after that.
Make diabetic-friendly desserts: Being diagnosed with diabetes does not mean you have to cut off your sweet tooth forever. Below are 2 of Danika’s recipes for desserts that won’t tip your insulin over the edge.

Sugar-free (or fat-free) lemon yogurt
Sugar-free whipped cream
Bran buds
Fresh raspberries
Animal crackers
Sugar-free (or fat-free) banana yogurt
Sugar-free whipped cream
Animal crackers
For Fancy Parfait
Take a dessert parfait dish and crush a handful of animal crackers at bottom. Alternate layers with whipped cream and lemon yogurt. You can also include layers of walnuts, bran buds and raspberries.

For Danika's Banana Cream Pie
Take cupcake papers filled with crushed animal crackers and fill with sugar-free/fat-free banana yogurt. Top with whipped cream.