The Best Way to Relieve Bunion Pain at Home Without Surgery

Bunions come in all shapes and sizes! But one thing is certain — they cause discomfort for the people who live with them. While some bunions need to be removed through surgery — perhaps because they're causing foot deformation or extreme pain — "not everybody needs surgery," says Dr. Brad Schaeffer, star of TLC's "My Feet Are Killing Me."

Dr. Schaeffer told Dr. Oz there are a few ways you can manage your bunion issues and discomfort at home.

"You can get through a milder bunion with padding, strapping — you can put inserts in your shoes. You can use Dr. Scholl's from Walgreens or CVS just to slide in your shoes. Or you can go to a doctor like myself and get custom inserts, and those are called orthotics. That'll have a cut out in there [for the bunion], really drop this joint down. So every step you take isn't so much pressure on this big guy here," Dr. Schaeffer said.

Watch the video above to learn more about these bone protrusions and see what Dr. Schaeffer and other podiatrists would do in a bunion removal surgery.


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