All-New Season Has Started! Here's What's Coming Up This Week

Get a sneak peek at the celeb guests and brand new segments you can't miss.

An all-new season of The Dr. Oz Show starts Monday, Sept. 13! Find out how to watch and when it airs in your area by clicking here. And if you'd like a sneak peek of what's to come, here's a look at the celebrity guests and brand new segments you can see this week.


Should You Get the Vaccine Booster? Here's Everything You Need to Know
Get up-to-date details on the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccination and whether you should get a second shot from physician Dr. Jen Caudle and global health expert Dr. Peter Hotexz

Howie Mandel Opens Up About Living With OCD and Anxiety — and Why He's Breaking the Stigma
Hear from the "America's Got Talent" judge on his struggles with mental health and why he wants to normalize what he is experiencing.

What to Try This Week: System Oz
It's time to put yourself first. Dr. Oz is introducing his whole-body wellness plan System Oz. He's got all-new and delicious recipes, exciting and customized workouts for your fitness level, and amazing wellness tips to help you rest and reconnect with yourself.


What Really Happened to Aaliyah?
Mara Schiavocampo takes a deep look into the circumstances of the singer's death, 20 years later. Did she take sleeping pills? Was she carried onto the plane? Were there troubles with R. Kelly? Plus, Aaliyah's uncle also speaks with Dr. Oz about his beloved niece who changed the music industry forever.

Dr. Pimple Popper's Most Explosive Squeeze Fest
Need more popping videos? Dr. Sandra Lee shows you some of the biggest removals and extractions she's ever done — including a rhinophyma. You'll even go inside the operating room with her as she performs a live cyst removal!

The How-To: Make an Extra $100 a Day With Little Effort
You could have lots of money lying around your house! Not cash, exactly. But financial expert Nicole Lapin will show you all the knickknacks you might have that you could turn into money in your pocket.


Fast Food Chicken Nugget Wars: All Your Options & How to Make Them Healthy
Dr. Oz takes a look at all the ways to get tasty, juicy, spicy chicken nuggets when you're out and about. They're nice treats, but can you integrate them into your diet with less of an impact? Get the best tips to recreate your own crispy fast-food chicken nuggets at home.

Is Everything We Know About Metabolism Wrong? Why You're Actually Gaining Weight in Older Age
Do you blame weight gain on your metabolism? That may not be the reason anymore. Dr. Oz takes a look at a new study that says your metabolism doesn't actually start declining until much later in life. So what does your weight depend on in middle age? Find out on the show.

The Dish on Oz: Our Favorite Meals From Summer Vacation We'll Be Cooking All Year
From a tropical cocktail to a lobster boil and southern tomato pie, The Dish crew cooks up some delicious treats you'll want to enjoy all year long.


Spermapalooza: 100 Kids & Counting From One Sperm Donor
Get an update from Ari Nagel on his life donating his sperm to women around the world.


America's Dirtiest Debate Ever: The Controversy Over How Often You Should Bathe
How long have you ever gone? We talk to a few people about what exactly happened to their skin and hair when they went days without showering. Plus, a dermatologist weighs in on the effects, and how you should be washing up according to your skin type (which we'll have a quiz for!).

TikTik's Frozen Honey Trend
Dr. Oz gives this viral treat a try and weighs in on the nutritional and sweet benefits.

The Dark Circle Hack That's Shocking the Internet
Dr. Oz takes a look at a mind-blowing dark circle hack that you need to see to believe