All New: With a shortage of vaccines, we examine if delaying the second dose is the way to increase supply and save lives. Or is there a risk of making it less effective? Plus, the Oz-approved drive-thru and takeout meals that won't derail your diet on our System 21 plan.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Should We Delay the Second Dose?

After watching how COVID-19 spread across the world and changed lives, Dr. Sanjay Gupta wants everyone to be prepared for the next pandemic to hit. So he came up with a five-step plan to make sure you're ready when it hits. Just remember the word "PROOF."

Sanjay Gupta's PROOF Plan

Plan Ahead

Remember when no one could find toilet paper or hand sanitizer at the store? Gupta says you should keep a 30- or 60-day supply of the following items:

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