4 Golden Rules to Follow When Applying Eye Cream

You might not know it, but applying eye cream is an essential part of any skincare routine.

4 Golden Rules to Follow When Applying Eye Cream

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When the colder weather starts to creep in, my skin gets dry — like, really dry. This past winter, I actually had to change my entire skincare routine to keep my skin hydrated and less flaky. One area in particular that I noticed was especially dry was the skin around my eyes. I knew I needed some sort of eye cream to add to my routine, but had no clue where to start. If you're like me and experience that same dryness or even if you're just interested in preventative wrinkle care, these rules for applying eye cream will help make your journey so much more seamless.

DoctorOz.com spoke with Dr. Frauke Neuser, a principal scientist at Olay to get the run-down on all things eye cream. Just like any other skincare product, knowing how and when to use it is key to seeing results. Here's how to get started with an eye cream and what you need to know to make it work for your personalized skincare routine.

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Do I Really Need to Use Eye Cream?

The answer is 100 percent yes. According to Dr. Neuser, absolutely essential in your daily skincare routine. It may seem like a small step that doesn’t make much of a difference, but Dr. Neuser says that the skin around your eyes is the most delicate, thinnest, and driest area on your face, which means it needs special attention. This is also the first area that starts to be noticeably affected by aging.

Okay, so eye cream is always a good idea, but how do you know when to start? Dr. Neuser says the worst thing you can do is to wait until you’re 40+ to prevent signs of aging, and the process of preventing signs of aging definitely includes using eye cream. Being proactive is the best way to prevent early signs of aging. To put it into perspective: You wouldn’t stop brushing your teeth just because you don’t have cavities, so you shouldn’t hold off on applying eye cream just because you haven’t seen any signs of aging. In order to get optimum anti-aging results, Dr. Neuser recommends starting using eye cream as early as 20 years old. 

When Should I Apply Eye Cream?

It’s essential to have a daytime and nighttime skincare routine, but how do you know where eye cream fits in? Dr. Neuser says that you can apply eye cream during your daytime and nighttime skincare routine for the best results. Since the skin around your eyes is so delicate, it’s important to keep it hydrated all day, similar to how you have to apply moisturizer to the rest of your face twice a day, too. 

An issue that people often run into is that the concealer that they apply under their eyes slides off during the day, and the main culprit for that problem is eye cream. Dr. Neuser says, though, that in order to prevent this, find an eye cream with a formula that absorbs quickly and completely and to pat it down into your skin again right before you apply concealer. Dr. Neuser also recommends buying a tinted eye cream to avoid this issue.

What Ingredients Should I Look For?

Dr. Neuser explains that a key benefit you should be getting from your eye cream is hydration, so ingredients like vitamin B3 and glycerin. Vitamin B3 strengthens the moisture barrier on your skin so you can really lock in the full hydration benefits of your eye cream. Dr. Neuser also recommends Hyaluronic acid as an ingredient to look out for when buying eye cream. Besides hydrating the area under the eyes, eye cream can work other miracles too. If your undereyes are prone to dark circles, Dr. Neuser recommends finding an eye cream with vitamin C. Peptides can also plump and firm your skin, and when combined with retinol, an ingredient that reduces wrinkles, you have the ultimate anti-aging, eye cream concoction. 

How Should I Apply It?

Your skin needs to be treated gently — especially the skin around your eyes. Dr. Neuser recommends applying your eye cream with light patting or sweeping motions and stresses the importance of not vigorously rubbing the eye area. Some people believe the best way to apply eye cream is by using your pointer finger, but Dr. Neuser explains that it doesn’t matter which finger you use to apply eye cream. As long as you’re being gentle and applying consistently, you’re applying it correctly.

One thing that's clear is that eye cream is essential in any skincare routine. It only takes about one minute of your time per day to apply it, and if it’s possible to prevent visible signs of aging by just taking one minute out of every day to apply eye cream, I'm sold. 


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