10 Potentially Embarrassing Health Moments and How to Fix Them

From rumbling stomachs to unsightly sweat stains, get quick and easy solutions to awkward body issues.

10 Potentially Embarrassing Health Moments and How to Fix Them

Try as we might take care of ourselves by eating the right foods and getting the right amount of exercise, our bodies have ways of calling attention to themselves – often in embarrassing ways. You’ve embarked on a seven-day cruise only to find, within the first hour at sea, that you have motion sickness. You’ve just sat down for a sunny outdoor brunch and noticed that sweat stains have begun to appear on your clothes. You’ve finished a delicious meal with friends, and now your stomach is performing an experimental song for all to hear. These and other health issues, however minor, can be a drag. Thankfully, there are several quick fixes you turn to when your body is trying to cramp your style. Look to these top embarrassing health moments and the simple measures you can take to address them.


Nosebleeds often occur as a result of cold or dry weather or trauma to the face, and can be unsightly and even scary. But, unless you’ve suffered a serious injury or have a medical condition that interferes with your body’s inability to clot (including if you’re on blood-thinning medications), they generally don’t pose a serious danger. The best thing to do when your snout spouts a leak is to sit up straight and tilt your head forward (tilting your head back, as people with nosebleeds often do, only causes the blood to travel to your throat). Pinch your nose for ten minutes, keeping an eye on the clock so as not to let go early. This will give the broken vessel time to clot. After this, avoid dry areas, such as overheated rooms, and consider buying a humidifier to prevent further dryness-caused bleeds.

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